Unity Credit Union's All-in-One low interest mortgage allows you to use the equity in your home to help you achieve your dreams and make your life more comfortable.

Who Might Use this Product?

Consumer and agriculture members who require access to additional funds.

Cost Savings and Member Benefit

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Save on borrowing costs for as long as you own your own home
  • Secure your borrowing with a minimum of 20% equity in your residential home for consumers
  • Secure your borrowing with a minimum of 25% equity in your agricultural land
  • Members are eligible for cash rebates through our Patronage Program

Convenient and Flexible

  • Local in-house approval
  • Apply just once to establish your credit limit and save fees
  • Manage re-payment options by separating available credit into sub loans
  • Re-paid amounts may be re-advanced
  • Choose from a range of loan products and get the best rate available

Peace of Mind

  • Loan insurance available
  • Cost of credit and any fees associated with the loan will be disclosed at the time of approval

Information about your Mortgage

You have many different ways to access your account information or history

  • In-branch assistance - 5 days a week
  • Immediate access via Online Banking or Mobile App
  • Monthly detailed statements including e-statements


Open? Fixed? Variable? Not sure what this all means? Buying a home is an important decision, and we want you to have all the facts! Read our Mortgage Disclosure to understand the basics and the options you have when choosing a mortgage that is right for you.


We offer Life, Disability, Loss of Employment, and Critical Illness insurance as payment protection options on mortgages. Our Account Managers can help you choose the options that are right for you.
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