We strive to conduct business professionally, respectfully, and with dedication to your success.

Our Vision

Partnering to achieve success and build a better community.

Our Mission

As a financial co-operative, Unity Credit Union exceeds our members' expectations by identifying their needs and recommending solutions to the benefit of our members and the community.

Our Values

1.  Product & Service Excellence:  We have excellent staff providing quality service.  We offer innovative and relevant products to meet our Members' needs.

2.  Teamwork and Communication:  UCU is a leader in the community.  We provide a positive image through open two-way communication.  Our well-informed staff share common values and ideas, and work together as a cohesive unit.

3.  Ethics:  UCU is a Member owned and locally operated co-operative financial institution that services its Members with respect in an honest and professional manner.

4.  Image:  We lead through involvement and visability within our community to promote and protect the Credit Union image.  Our decisions have a significant impact on the vibrancy and health of our community.

5.  Autonomy:  We will determine our own direction.

6.  Financial Performance:  We are a financially sound organization that has the flexibility to deal with change.  We are dedicated to financial stability, growth, and long-term prosperity.

Our Leaders
Unity Credit Union is guided by our experienced Management Team and diverse Board of Directors, chosen by you. With a wide range of backgrounds, these individuals ensure we stay on the cutting edge of financial services, digital banking and customer care for our members.

The "Credit Union Difference"

Community Involvement & Support

Unity Credit Union is actively involved in supporting the community by sponsoring events, making donations, holding contests and promotions, supplying volunteers and actively participating in community events. We understand that a strong community leads to a strong credit union. We want our community, its businesses, organizations and residents to grow, prosper, and flourish.

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Local Decision Making

Unity Credit Union has a board and management team that are local. They live in the communities we serve. Decisions are made by these people, whether those decisions relate to policies, procedures or loans. As a member, you know the people who make the decisions, and you can talk to them about what is important to you. Personal and local decision making leads to quicker and easier decisions for all your financial needs, including and especially loans.

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Real Person Answering the Phone

When you phone Unity Credit Union you will be able to talk to a real person rather than an automated answering service. We connect with our members through this one on one contact. We listen to your needs so we can better serve you and direct you quickly to the appropriate person who can help you.

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Duty of Care

Everyone wants to feel a sense of financial well-being. This begins with trusting the relationships you have with your advisors. Unity Credit Union employees care about you and your financial well-being. We will consider where you are in your life and offer suggestions beyond your present needs to help you attain the sense of well-being you desire. You deserve to feel cared for.

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Flexible Hours of Service

Unity Credit Union is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. These convenient hours of service allow members to visit Unity Credit Union before work, throughout the morning and afternoon, and through their lunch hour. However, if these hours do not fit our members' needs, they can contact us to arrange a meeting outside of our core business hours. In addition to striving to provide more convenience and flexibility for members, we offer many and varied electronic means of doing business with Unity Credit Union, such as Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile App, and ATM.

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Deposit Guarantee

Deposits held in Saskatchewan Credit Unions are fully guaranteed through the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation (CUDGC). Your deposits are safe and will always be re-paid, no matter how large or small the dollar amount. This means that you can deposit your hard earned money with the assurance that you will never lose a cent -- guaranteed.

For more information, visit the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee website.

Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation

Financial Co-operative

A credit union is a financial co-operative. We balance the principles of co-operatives with those of business. Our principles ensure we engage in activities focusing on democracy, social consciousness, and human relations. We are a business owned and controlled by members and operated for them and by them. Members pool their financial assets to receive services they need and benefit from operating surpluses generated, through community donations and Member Rewards. As a member, you benefit as well as having an influence in the future of your credit union.

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Member Rewards

Member Rewards is a form of reward for being a member. Members not only receive competitive rates on loans and deposits, but also share in the surplus generated by the credit union based on the amount of business done with the credit union.  In essence, the credit union shares its profits with you.  Member Rewards is only paid to members. Those who choose not to become a member may still utilize the services of the credit union and contribute to the operating surplus of the organization, but they are not eligible for the Member Rewards payment. Being a member of Unity Credit Union truly pays!

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Our 2023 Annual Report

We held our AGM on March 26, 2024. Read the accompanying Annual Report to learn more about our success in 2023.


CU in the Community

Our commitment to our community is what sets us apart from other financial institutions. Read about our latest sponsorships, donations, and volunteer activities.


Interested in becoming a member?
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