Business Loans
At Unity Credit Union, we are proud to support the agriculture community. Farming and ranching are more than just a business, they're a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is faced with many challenges - financing being one of them. Dreaming about starting your own business or expanding an existing? Unity Credit Union can help make your dream come true.

Term Loan


A business term loan can help you with a specific business investment such as building up inventory, financing a piece of equipment, or assisting with other cash flow needs.

Key Features
  • You can pre-pay your loan at any time to save on interest without penalty
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Lower interest rates may apply where security provided
  • You have opportunity to receive a better interest rate based on individual circumstances and collateral provided

Quick Loan


A quick loan is a short-term loan to help your business manage recurring input costs. A re-advanceable loan based on a pre-approved limit can assist you in buying a timely piece of equipment or helping you take care of an untimely expense.

Key Features
  • Decisions are made quickly and locally, to ensure you get a response as quickly as possible
  • You can pre-pay your loan at any time to save on interest without penalty
  • You have opportunity to receive a better interest rate based on individual circumstances and collateral provided
  • Members are eligible for cash rebates through our Member Rewards program

Line of Credit


A line of credit on your business account gives you immediate access to funds for inventory or operating expenses. It is an authorized overdraft limit that is attached to your chequing account. There is a one-time approval, and the funds are always available for ongoing credit needs.

Key Features
  • Competitive floating interest rate
  • You only pay interest on the amount used
  • Interest is calculated daily and debited at the end of the month

Calidon Equipment Leasing


Unity Credit Union refers members to Calidon Equipment Leasing if they wish to lease equipment instead of purchasing. Members are able to continue dealing with their regular credit union Account Manager, who will look after all the necessary documents to send to Calidon.

Key Features
  • Flexible payment schedule
  • Lease back
  • Competitive rates
  • Tax benefits
  • No down payment
  • Flexibility for succession planning
  • No documentation fees

Canadian Agriculture Loans Act (CALA)


If you are an agricultural producer, you can use CALA to finance a wide variety of capital improvements or for purchases to build and improve your farm. Agricultural co-operatives may use the loans to process, market and distribute farming products. Loans are limited to a maximum of $500,000.

Key Features

Who is eligible:

  • Existing farmers
  • Beginning or start-up farmers
  • Farmers taking over the family farm
  • Agricultural co-operatives

Canada Small Business Loans


For 50 years, the Canada Small Business Financing Program has been helping small businesses with their financing needs. Under the program, the Government of Canada makes it easier for small businesses to get loans from financial institutions by sharing the risk with lenders.

Key Features

Main objectives:

  • To help new businesses get started and established firms make improvements and expand
  • To improve access to loans that would not otherwise be available to small businesses
  • To stimulate economic growth and create jobs for Canadians

Enjoy the advantages of a Unity Credit Union Business Loan

  • ​Flexible payment schedule - Options for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payment schedule.
  • Personalized support - Our team of Account Managers will help you find the best financing solution and payment plan for your business needs.
  • Fixed or variable rate options - Your loan, your choice!
  • Re-pay your way - Flexible payment options means you can make extra payments, or even pay early without penalty. 

Need a hand?

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Loan Calculator

Our nifty loan calculator will crunch numbers to estimate your payments, determine when you'll be paid off and more.

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