Fees for loan and mortgage transactions are listed below.

Application Fee No Cost
Chargebacks Cost
Extensions No Cost
Re-write / Consolidate No Cost
Application Fee No Cost for Consumer
Appraisal Fee Cost
Registration Fee Cost
Surveying Fee Cost
MICC Application Fee - Basic Cost
MICC Application Fee - Appraisal Included Cost
CMHC Application Fee - Basic Cost
CMHC Application Fee - Appraisal Included Cost
Mortgage Transfer Out Fee Cost
Land Titles / GRC Search Cost
Administer Agreement for Sale No Cost
Mortgage Renewal No Cost
Mortgage / Caveat Registration
First Canadian Title Fee Cost
Mortgage / Caveat Discharge Cost
Mortgage Re-advance Cost
Tax Payment Request (January) No Cost

Registration Cost
Amendment Cost
Renewal Cost
Discharge Cost
Search Cost
Credit Bureau Cost
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