The fight against fraud begins with you.

We care about our members' financial well-being and want to ensure that everyone is protected against fraudulent activity and scams.

Six Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Fraud

Passwords aren't meant to be shared, either on purpose or through carelessness.  Download a password manager app to your smartphone to keep your passwords safe.  If you've written them down, lock them away.  Even better - don't write them down at all.
A strong password provides essential protection from financial fraud and identity theft.  One of the most common ways that hackers break into computers is by guessing passwords.  Simple and commonly used passwords enable fraudsters to easily gain access and control of your computer or mobile phone.
Don't expect your recycling boxes or garbage bin to hide your personal information.  Use a paper shredder or some other means to safely dispose of your personal data.

Wi-Fi is one way fraudsters can steal your identity.  To protect yourself, disable Wi-Fi and bluetooth when you are not using it.  When you leave your device open by default, your data is vulnerable to access by others without your knowledge or consent whenever you pass through cafes and other places offering open, public wireless networks.
You may already be aware of how fraudsters work, but new methods show up all the time.  The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is an excellent resource to help you stay updated on the latest frauds occuring in Canada.  They also provide a helpful list on how to recognize a fraud attempt.
Many smartphones include options to secure its access, like 2-factor authentication, biometric authentication, and screen lock.  Android users can also use phone encryption.

If you lose your phone, take immediate action.
When you're online, only download programs and applications from trusted sources that inspect and verify your downloads for viruses.
Set up free Security and Transaction Alerts to receive email, text message, or app push notification security alerts when activity occurs in your Online Banking.  Sign up in Online Banking, by navigating to the 'My Unity Credit Union' tab then 'Alerts', or by clicking the 'More' icon then 'Alert Settings' in the Mobile App.
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