Access your money by visiting our branch, ATM, drive-thru ATM, and our network of thousands of ding free® ATMs across Canada.

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ding free® ATMs available coast to coast

We’ve all been dinged by surcharge fees at an ATM that wasn’t our own. But as a member of Unity Credit Union, any credit union ATM is your credit union ATM.  Just look for a ding free® sign on the ATM.

Unity Credit Union has two ATMs, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - located in our lobby before you enter our branch, and a drive-thru ATM on the East side of the building.

  • You can use your MEMBER CARD® debit card to access your account
  • At our ATM, you can also:
    • Deposit money - cash or cheques
    • ​Withdraw money - up to $800 in a 24 hour period
    • Transfer funds to and from accounts set up under the same MEMBER CARD® debit card
    • Check balances on accounts
    • Change your PIN
  • You can also withdraw cash from your account at any ATM worldwide that shows the Interac®, CIRRUS®, or MAESTRO® symbol (see the back of your card for sample symbols)
  • Funds deposited at any ATM may be held until verified the next business day, at which time you will be able to access the deposited amount
  • Service fees will apply when using ATMs that belong to other financial institutions that are not part of the credit union ding free® network
  • English and French language options available

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