We offer some additional banking services for your convenience.


Safety Deposit Box

A confidential, secure storage option for your valuables. We offer various sizes to rent for an annual fee. See below for more information on sizes and fees.


Wire Transfers

We offer wire transfers to send funds to domestic and international locations, including other credit unions. See below for more information on fees.


USD Drafts

Unity Credit Union sells drafts in US Dollars. See below for more information on fees.


Night Deposit

A secure one-way access bin for dropping off deposit items any time of day or night. Businesses can contact us about getting access to the night deposit drop. Bag Deposit is required.

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Foreign Currency

Cash is available in various currencies. We recommend placing your order 2 - 3 weeks prior to your departure.

View Foreign Exchange Rates


Cheque Options

We offer cheque certification for a fee - your cheque, certified as guaranteed funds. Members can also order personalized cheques for their chequing accounts. See below for more information on fees.

Personal Account Service Charges & Fees

We strive to be as transparent as possible with any account and service fees.
Click any tab below for a full breakdown of fees.

*Fees up to date as of January 1, 2021

Cheques - Encoded

Cheques - Non-encoded



Deposits No Charge
External Withdrawals $0.50
In-Branch Withdrawals $0.50
Personalized Cheque Order Cost
Point of Sale Purchases $0.50
Transfers $0.50
Utility Payment through teller $0.50
Account closed within 60 days $10.00
Account transferred to other financial institution
other than Credit Union
Bank Confirmations $40.00/hr
(minimum $20 charge)

Cheque Certification - by member

Cheque Certification - by non-member



Fax Incoming/Outgoing $5.00
Hold Funds $5.00
Items sent or received for collection by Credit Union $5.00
Manager's Trust Cheque $5.00
Photocopies $0.25/page

RRSP Transfer Out  - Full

RRSP Transfer Out  - Partial



Search for records & member information
(requiring more than 15 min.)
(minimum $20 charge)
Statement Printout $2.00
Stop Payment
(per item returned)
Saskatchewan Credit Union ATM No Charge
Out of province Credit Union ATM $1.50
Interac® ATM $2.00
Cirrus®/Plus®/International ATM $3.00

Replacement Card
(after being initiated by the member 3 times)


Canadian $5.00
US $5.00
Blue Nylon Deposit Bag
*Fee is refunded when bag is returned undamaged
Plastic Bag Cost
NSF Cheque Returned
(letter/phone call notification included)
Overdraft Notice $2.00
Overdrafts per item charge $5.00
1 1/2  x  5 $15.00
2 1/2 x 5 $25.00
2 x 10 3/4  $35.00
5 x 5 $35.00
10 x 10 $65.00
New Key Cut  Cost + $10.00
Forceful Enter Cost + $50.00
To or from all Credit Unions $10.00
To or from another financial institution (CDN and US) $30.00
To or from International Transfer (non-US) $50.00
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