Business Borrowing
When it comes to borrowing money for your business, many dynamics come into play.

Choose a way to borrow

Whether you are purchasing a farm, acquiring more land, investing in new equipment or starting a business, you will have many questions. How will the loan be secured? How will you determine how much to borrow, and when? Do you need an ongoing operating line of credit, and how should you use it?

Your borrowing strategy is critical to the success of your business. We offer a wide range of fair, uncomplicated borrowing options and are committed to providing products and payment plans that best suit your financial requirements. Our professional and knowledgeable lending staff is here to help.

Looking for a credit card for your business?
Unity Credit Union offers a suite of credit card products to fit your business needs.  Whether you'd prefer a card with no annual fee, one that earns cash back or one that can get your some amazing travel rewards, we've got a card for your business and spending style.

Loan calculator

Learn about how much you can borrow and what your projected re-payment schedule will be like.

Equifax credit report

Take charge with your credit score with the Equifax Credit Report.

Speak to an Account Manager

An Account Manager can recommend specific strategies to meet your unique needs. Give them a call today.
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