Where Should I Keep My Honey?

A Children's Book Written by JOSH NOBLE
Illustrations by SAKSHI MANGAL

We wrote a children's book!

The book was written by Josh Noble during his time working at Unity Credit Union.  He is currently with Servus Credit Union in Edmonton.  Megan Heidt, Manager of Marketing assisted with editing, and together they worked with a Canadian publishing company, FriesenPress, for publishing and distribution.

"Where should I keep my honey? Is about a confused bee trying to decide where to keep her honey.  While she gets more and more down in the dumps about having no good place to keep her honey, she is met with a pleasant surprise - there is a place that bees keep their honey together!"

"This short book for young and learning readers (ages 4-8) is about overcoming problems using cooperation.  The book introduces young readers to cooperatives and credit unions without ever mentioning them by name.  This cute little adventure will delight and excite while teaching that challenges can be overcome by working together with friends, family, and the community."

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