How does this apply to your accounts?

It pays to be a member of Unity Credit Union!

We are excited to introduce a new way to share our profits with you - through MEMBER REWARDS!  The MEMBER REWARDS Program will give back to members based on RELATIONSHIP, LOYALTY, and total VOLUME OF BUSINESS with Unity Credit Union.  These rewards will be paid annually (for the previous year), and deposited directly into your Member Rewards account to spend on whatever you wish!

We share our profits with members.

When Unity Credit Union is profitable, we share our profits with our members.

We are owned by our members.  MEMBER REWARDS is a form of reward for being a member.  Members not only receive competitive rates on loans and deposits, but also share in the surplus generated by Unity Credit Union based on the amount of business held with us. 

The more business with us, the more rewards.

When you succeed, we all succeed.  

Your financial success is important to us.  We understand that the financial success of our members leads to a strong credit union. We want our community, its businesses, organizations and residents to grow, prosper, and flourish.  When we profit, we share those profits with our members.  The more business you do with Unity Credit Union, the more rewards you will receive.

The new formula:


Your relationship with us
(How many products you use)



How much you use your products
(Bigger volumes mean bigger rewards)



How long you’ve been a member
the longer, the better!)



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