Quick Loan
Get loan funds quickly. A quick loan provides borrowers with re-advanceable funds up to a pre-approved and authorized limit. It has a pre-determined payment and may help you take advantage of a rare buying opportunity or take care of an untimely expense.

Who Might Use this Product?

Individuals who want quick access to additional funds.

Cost Savings and Member Benefit

  • Decisions are made quickly and locally, to ensure you get a response as quickly as possible
  • You can pre-pay your loan at any time to save on interest without penalty
  • You have the opportunity to receive a better interest rate based on individual circumstances and collateral provided
  • ​Members are eligible for cash rebates through our Patronage Program

Convenient and Flexible

  • Extra funds are available whenever you need them
  • Funds can be advanced by phone, email, in person, or via Online Banking or Mobile App
  • You only need to complete loan documents once
  • Funds are re-advanceable (you can re-borrow the principle you pay off)
  • Variety of payment options available (frequency of weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly)
  • Automatic payment transfers available

Peace of Mind

  • Loan insurance available 

Information about your Quick Loan

  • You have many different ways to access your account information or history

                   - In-branch assistance

                   - Immediate access via Online Banking or Mobile App

                   - Monthly detailed statements, including e-statements

Insurance for what matters most.
We offer loan insurance options as payment protection on personal loans. Our Account Managers can help you choose the options that are right for you.
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