INTERAC e-Transfer†

INTERAC e-Transfer†

Introducing INTERAC e-Transfer

Transferring money can now be done quickly and securely with INTERAC e-Transferservice! All you need is your recipient’s email address or mobile phone number to send money in just a few quick and easy steps.

Who might use INTERAC e-Transfer?

  • Those who would like to split a bill in a restaurant
  • Those paying a roommate for your portion of rent or bills
  • Those wishing to send birthday cash to a family member
  • Those paying for everyday purchases such as housekeeping, babysitting or home repairs
  • Those accepting payment for business transactions/sales

Convenient Expand/Collapse

  • No need to wait for the transfer to be approved – your recipient can access funds quickly
  • No more stops at the ATM or waiting for cheques to be cashed! 
  • Make or receive a transfer from anywhere at any time using your computer or Smartphone - Internet Banking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 
  • All you need is your recipient’s email address or mobile phone number 
  • You can transfer money to other Canadian Financial Institution accounts 
  • Transfer takes place in 30 minutes or less

Affordable Expand/Collapse

  • FREE to send and receive an INTERAC e-Transfer†   
  • Lower cost than bank drafts, money orders or wires

Secure Expand/Collapse

  • Your personal information is secure – email or text is used for communication purposes, but your funds are contained in our secure banking network
  • No account numbers or other Financial Institution information is required
  • A security question of your choosing protects your funds from being received by the wrong person

Limits and Fees Expand/Collapse

To Send:

  • Per Transaction:  $3,000
  • Per Week:     $5000.00 
  • Per Month:     $10,000.00 
  • No fee to send an INTERAC e-Transfer†

To Receive:

  • Per Transaction:  $10,000
  • Per Week:  $15,000
  • Per Month:  $25,000
  • No fee to accept an INTERAC e-Transfer†

Good to Know Expand/Collapse

  • The initial set up of INTERAC e-Transfer† cannot be completed on a mobile device; however once the setup has been completed on a computer it can then be accessed on a mobile device by clicking on full site.

Learn More Expand/Collapse

Looking for more information? Visit the INTERAC e-Transfer† homepage for more information on how this feature works, or contact us at 306-228-2688 and speak to a Financial Service Representative.

A list of participating financial institutions can be found here.


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