Patronage is a form of reward for being a member. Members not only receive competitive rates on loans and deposits, but also share in the surplus generated by the credit union based on the amount of business done with the credit union. In essence, the credit union shares its profits with you. Equity is paid to members. Those who choose not to become a member may still utilize the services of the credit union and contribute to the operating surplus of the organization, but they are not eligible for the equity payment. Being a member of Unity Credit Union truly pays!

$100,000 CASH BACK!

We’re paying back over 50% of service charges paid by members and businesses in 2020

Check your Member Rewards Account* in Online Banking or your statement to see your REWARD!  If you can’t see your Member Rewards Account in Online Banking ​or on your monthly statement, call us at 306.228.2688 and we can help!

Read the FAQ section below for full details on how to access your CASH BACK. 

*Note: Your Member Rewards Account also contains your $5 membership share, so you must always keep a minimum of $5 in this account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We know we’ve changed things up, so we’ve anticipated some of the most common questions you might have. If you still have questions, we’re always here to help. Give us a call at 306.228.2688

We are revamping our patronage and cash back program for 2022.  In the meantime, this is where you will see your cash back payout – a rebate on the service charges you paid in 2020.  

*Note: This account is also the home to your $5 membership share. (See #2)

You may notice we always refer to you as a member, not a customer of Unity Credit Union. That’s because you are a part owner of Unity Credit Union! When you opened your first account, you deposited $5 into your membership share account to become a MEMBER of Unity Credit Union. This means you have a direct say in who is elected as your Board of Directors through a democratic process of one member, one vote.  You also help determine the direction by voicing your concerns to any Board member or staff. Being a member, also means you benefit from the rewards of patronage and cash back!

If you are signed up for Online Banking, simply login to your Unity Credit Union account on your computer or mobile app and click ‘Transfer’.  You can transfer these funds from your Member Rewards account to your chequing or Plan 24® savings account, just as you would normally transfer funds.  Just remember, you must leave the $5 membership share in the account.

If you don’t use Online Banking, or you’re looking for a bit of help, come see us or give us a call.  We are happy to help!  We can transfer the funds for you to any of your other accounts so you can spend your cash back however you wish!

For simplicity, we have combined both your member share and member rewards into one account. This means, in order to continue being a member, you must keep your $5 membership share in your account. Everything else is yours to spend!
If you are a business member, or have a personal account with us, and can’t see your Member Rewards account listed in Online Banking or on your statement, give us a call at 306.228.2688 and we can help!

For youth aged 25 and under who have a FAT CAT®, HEADSTART ®,or STUDENTCHOICE® account with us (now called Growth Account) 

Thank you for being a member of Unity Credit Union and trusting us to be your piggy bank!  As part of our 2020 CASH BACK payout, you’ll each receive $25 in your account. 

Any member who had an active FAT CAT®, HEADSTART®, or STUDENTCHOICE® account with us on December 31, 2020 will be eligible to receive the $25 cash back for kids.  The funds were automatically deposited to each youth’s Member Rewards account. 

If you use Online Banking, you can simply login to transfer the funds.  If you don’t use Online Banking, just give us a call to transfer these funds into your youth chequing account.  (See #3)

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