Index Linked Term Deposit

Term Deposit: Index Linked Deposit

The Index Linked Deposit is a 5 year non-redeemable investment with the potential for growth, like a stock market investment, while maintaining the security of a term deposit. This product offers returns based on the performance of individual stocks within an equity basket.  The rate of return is linked to the average monthly performance of the product offering and is paid at the end of the term.

Who Might Use this Plan?

Inviduals 18 and over who are looking for an investment with a guaranteed deposit and the potential of stock market growth while guaranteeing the principal.

Affordable Expand/Collapse

  • You can start your investment with as little as $1,000
  • All deposits are free
  • No service fees to withdraw at maturity
  • No commission or management fees

Convenient Expand/Collapse

  • On maturity date the deposit will automatically renew for one year term or be redeemed into an account of the investors choice

Interest Rate and Member Benefit Expand/Collapse

  • Return based on the performance of the underlying stock market index providing potential for more growth, however there is no guarantee of a return 
  • Total growth is capped at 50% over the 5 year term
  • You can use your investment as security to obtain a better loan rate
  • Members are eligible for cash rebates through our Patronage Program

Secure Expand/Collapse

  • The initial deposit, or principal, in an index-linked term deposit is fully guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.
  • As the return on the deposits is linked to the performance of the stock market, the deposit guarantee only applies to the return if and when it is paid at maturity.
  • No risk to your principal investment

Information About Your Deposit Expand/Collapse

You have many different ways to access your account information or history

  • Monthly Statement - You can choose how you want to receive your monthly statement; paper or eStatement. We suggest protecting the environment and ensuring secure record keeping by using eStatements.
  • In branch
  • Online banking, telephone banking and mobile services

Good to Know Expand/Collapse

  • Multiple index options available

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