Creating Profile

How to Create a Registration Profile and Recipient List

Before you can use the INTERAC e-Transfer† service you'll need to create a user profile and recipient list.

How to Create A User Profile Expand/Collapse

  1. Login to online banking at and go to Transfers located on the left-hand side navigation.
  2. Under Transfers, select Send INTERAC e-Transfer†
  3. A new screen will appear, select Create INTERAC e-Transfer† Profile. 
  4. Enter your first and last name, mobile phone number (if applicable) and your email address. 
  5. Click Continue. 
  6. Your profile is now created!

Good To Know Expand/Collapse

  • The email address that you have entered will be used to inform you when your transfer has been received or declined.
  • You can update your profile at any time by selecting the Edit Sender Profile in the Send INTERAC e-Transfer tab.

How to Create and Add A Recipient Expand/Collapse

  1. Go to the Transfer tab
  2. Select Add/Delete Recipients
  3. Select Add a Recipient 
  4. Enter the following:
    • Name – Enter recipient's first and last name
    • Email – Enter recipient's email address
    • Mobile Phone Number – Enter recipient’s mobile phone number. (if applicable)
    • Preferred language  Enter language that recipient will want to receive the email in 
    • Transfer By – Enter the method you would like to use to send notifications of  INTERAC e-Transfers† (mobile phone, email or both)
    • Security Question – Enter a security question the recipient will need to answer in order to receive the funds
    • Answer – Enter a single-word answer to the question – the recipient’s answer will need to match exactly in order to receive the funds
  5. Click Add Recipient. 
  6. After verifying that the recipient's information is correct, click Confirm 

Good to Know Expand/Collapse

  • For your security only you and the recipient should know the security question and answer. You can communicate this to the recipient by phone or in person for additional security.
  • You can edit recipient's information at any time, or delete a recipient if you no longer need to send them money by email.

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