Mobile Web - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Mobile Web service different from online banking? Expand/Collapse

Mobile Web offers the main online banking functionality optimized for the small screen size of a mobile phone.

2. Is a member's personal information as secure in Mobile Banking as in Online Banking? Expand/Collapse

Yes, personal information is just as secure in Mobile Web Banking as in Online Banking. The login is password protected and increased authentication is supported

3. What does it cost for members to use Mobile Banking for the Mobile Web? Expand/Collapse

Since Mobile Banking for the Mobile Web uses data, the carrier may charge the member the data rates for using Mobile Banking. If the member uses the Mobile Web on a free Wi-Fi connection, then the member is not charged the data rates, the same as using Internet Banking on a PC.

4. What if a member's phone is lost, is the member's banking information compromised? Expand/Collapse

If a member loses their phone, their accounts can only be accessed if someone has the correct login credentials.

5. How is the Mobile Web different from a downloadable app from the Apple iTunes App Store? Expand/Collapse

The downloadable app from the Apple App store would only work on an iPhone or iPod touch. The Mobile Web is functional on any mobile phone with a desktop-class browser and is not limited to one phone. While there are some benefits to downloadable apps and Central1 will look at developing them at a later time, the Mobile Web service targets a larger number of phones.

6. Is it true that only downloadable apps for the iPhone from the Apple iTunes App Store will have an icon on the home screen of the iPhone? Expand/Collapse

No. To add an icon to their mobile devices, members navigate to our mobile site ( and then select add to home screen on the iPhone. Our branded logo instantly appears on the member’s phone. This does not apply to all phones, on some phones the link must be saved as a favorite.

7. How does a member know that there is a mobile website? Expand/Collapse

The credit union will place a link on their website. If the credit union is an Internet Banking – Integrated credit union there will be a link to Mobile Web that members will see once they are on the credit union’s website.

8. What if my phone can access the Internet but does not have a Data Plan? Will Mobile Web work on it? Expand/Collapse

Mobile Web is designed for phones that use a data plan and during our testing we found these phones were unable to access Mobile Web. These questions can be directed to the user’s service provider as that is what determines access.

9. Do all Internet browsers work for Mobile Web? What if I receive an HTTP Error 400 error message on my Blackberry when attempting to access Mobile Web? Expand/Collapse

During testing we found that switching the browser on the Blackberry from Blackberry Browser to Internet Browser resolved this issue and allowed the user to access Mobile Web. Only some Blackberry phones had this problem and switching the Internet browser appeared to resolve the problem.

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