Deposit Anywhere™ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deposit Anywhere™? Expand/Collapse

Deposit Anywhere™ is a new feature on our mobile app that allows you to deposit cheques by taking a photo of them and submitting them to our financial institution, anywhere, anytime.

How do I get Deposit Anywhere™? Expand/Collapse

Deposit Anywhere™ is available within the Unity Credit Union Mobile App.

What devices are supported? Expand/Collapse

Deposit Anywhere™ is supported on iOS and Android devices.

How do I use Deposit Anywhere™? Expand/Collapse

Depositing a cheque with Deposit Anywhere™ is easy. Open up Unity Credit Union’s mobile banking app, tap the “deposit” button, select the account you’d like the funds deposited to, enter the amount, take a photo of the front and back of the cheque, confirm the details and tap “submit”. The funds will then be deposited securely into your account.

Are there any fees for using Deposit Anywhere™? Expand/Collapse

No. There are no fees to use this service.

What types of cheques can I draw on? Expand/Collapse

You can deposit cheques payable in Canadian dollars and drawn at any Canadian financial institution. They must be payable to, and endorsed by, the account holder.

Can cheques be deposited into any account? Expand/Collapse

Cheques can be deposited into a savings or a chequing account with the exception of Lawyer Trust or FAT CAT® accounts.

Will my deposited cheque show up immediately in my account and can I use the funds immediately? Expand/Collapse

The deposit will be seen immediately in your account activity, but will not be included in the available balance. Similar to deposits at an ATM or in-branch, there are often holds on deposit items. Please contact us at 1-306-228-2688 to review your account holds.

Is there a maximum number of cheques that can be deposited per day? Expand/Collapse

Only one cheque can be deposited at a time; however, there are no limits to the number of cheques that can be deposited per day.

How will I know if there is an issue with my deposit after I submit the cheque? Expand/Collapse

In the rare circumstance that there is an issue with the deposit after you receive confirmation during the deposit, you will be contacted by us.

Is depositing cheques with a mobile phone safe? Expand/Collapse

Yes, Deposit Anywhere™ is safe and secure. As a feature of our mobile banking app, Deposit Anywhere™ meets the same high standards as our mobile and online banking services.

What should I do with paper cheques after they have been deposited? Expand/Collapse

You are required to retain deposited cheques for a minimum 90 days once deposited. After depositing your cheque with Deposit Anywhere™, simply write “Deposited” across the front of the cheque (without obscuring any material information on the cheque) and store it in a safe spot – your credit union may need it for verification purposes. After the 90 day retention period, cheques can be destroyed by marking them VOID or shredding them.  There is no need to mail in the physical cheque.

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