Business Loans

At Unity Credit Union, we are proud to support the agriculture community.  Farming and ranching are more than just a business, they’re a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that is faced with many challenges – financing being one of them.

Dreaming about starting your own business or expanding an existing!  Unity Credit Union can help make your dream come true.

Term Loan

A business term loan can help you with a specific business investment such as building up inventory, financing a piece of equipment or assisting with other cash flow needs.  More

Quick Loan

A quick loan is a short term loan to help your business manage recurring input costs.  A re-advanceable loan based on a pre-approved limit can assist you in buying a timely piece of equipment or helping you take care of an untimely expense.  More


Owning your own operating facility, office building or farmland can be a key strategy to business success – but what’s right for you and your business?  Unity Credit Union’s account managers will be pleased to work with you to answer that question, with several options to make property ownership the right move for now, and for years to come. More

Government Guaranteed Loans

The Canadian Agriculture Loans Act (CALA) provides loans to farmers and agricultural co-operatives
The Small Business Financing Program is a collaboration between the Government of Canada and financial entities.  More


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